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We offer air, road or sea freight services throughout Russia and around the world
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With knowledge and experience in international logistics, we carry out transportation around the world using various modes of transport.

At the Kazan international airport, we offer – handover of cargo for delivery, uplifting of delivered cargo and customs clearance.

Cargo transportation involves the following stages:

Over the years Aviaservice has managed to fine tune the process of delivery of cargo at every stage it goes through.

We can offer international transportation as a one-off turn-key project or provide transportation as a whole package on a regular basis.

  • 1 stage

    Export customs clearance

  • 2 stage

    Delivery of cargo at the airport of departure

  • 3 stage

    Arranging for customs declaration

  • 4 stage


  • 5 stage

    Import customs clearance

  • 6 stage

    Uplifting of cargo at the airport of destination

  • 7 stage

    Delivery to the recipient

  • 8 stage

    Delivery confirmation

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